Quantum Programming Resources

Resources for those interested in Microsoft Azure and Q#, and Quantum Computing Inc.

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Official Microsoft Resources:

Quantum Katas - Resource for learning Q# and the basics of quantum circuit design.

Quantum Development Workshop -Talk discussing Q# development.

Q# Language Guide - The official resource for Q#.

Quantum Computing For Computer Scientist - Very interesting talk that introduces the basic concepts of quantum computing.

Quantum Microsoft - Loads of example circuits and explanations.

Official Quantum Computing Inc. Resources:

QUBT Course book - QUBT U students will solve their first quantum-ready problem within a day to a week using Qatalyst

Other Useful Resources:

Why Quantum Algorithms? - Series which discusses quantum algorithms and their uses.

Quantum Computation and Quantum Information - Carnegie Mellon course on quantum computing.

Some basic concepts:


Here is a great write up https://www.activecyber.net/rise-quantum-computers-current-state-cryptographic-affairs/ highly worth the read

Also here is a super interesting video about quantum mechanics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzRCDLre1b4 

3Blue1Brown is a great channel in general if you find math interesting.


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is supporting IQ-PARC by providing cloud access to quantum computing platforms and educational resources.