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High School and Middle School Quantum Education

We work with STEM teachers to develop educational materials to introduce quantum technologies and quantum concepts to K-12 students. We create learning activities, short videos, and animations to communicate quantum concepts with K-12 students. The math-free and intuition-based pedagogy challenges conventional wisdom in teaching quantum technologies with concepts often referred to as counter-intuitive.

Middle School Science Curriculum Unit

You can find the final version of the Middle School Science Curriculum Unit developed after the Summer 2022 Quantum Teacher Professional Development Workshop in the link: Quantum-Based Middle School Science Curriculum Unit I


Teachers Workshop

Space is limited; if interested in participating in our annual Teachers Workshop held every summer, please contact Prof. Menekse at and introduce yourself.


Zeynep Gonca Akdemir, K. F., Arindam Nandi, Mahdi Hosseini, Muhsin Menekse, Introducing quantum key distribution to high school students. The Science Teacher 2020, pp pp. 44-51.

Outreach videos

Erica W. Carlson (2015), "Quantum Mechanics for Everyone,"

Zeynep Gonca Akdemir, Muhsin Menekse (2022), "Half-life lab demo,"

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