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Conferences, Workshops, and Meetings

Our organization hosts various professional development opportunities throughout the year, including conferences, workshops, and meetings. We hold a teachers' workshop annually during the summer, where educators can enhance their skills and knowledge in their respective fields. Additionally, we organize a student seminar series on recent quantum advances, providing a platform for students to learn from experts in the field. We also offer a weekly Quantum Game Club meeting during the spring of 2023, where members can engage in discussions and activities related to quantum gaming. Lastly, we host a Women Engineers and Scientists Workshop every spring, aimed at promoting diversity and inclusivity in STEM fields.

Please stay tuned for the next year's event. Please contact for questions.

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The Student Seminar Series on Recent Quantum Advances invite speakers from quantum research groups at Purdue University to explain the basic concepts and experimental platforms of their research fields, and also discuss their groups' research projects including recent progress.

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The idea of “The Quantum Game Club” is to form a community of engineers and scientists and provide them with the necessary education and resources to have fun interacting with quantum machines and create games and interfaces. We work with leading companies in quantum space including Microsoft, IonQ, and Quantum Computing Inc., as well as research labs actively working to develop state-of-the-art virtual and physical layers of future quantum systems.

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The 2023 Women in Engineering Quantum Programming workshop will be held on the week of March 24th. Confirmed speakers: Microsoft, IBM. IonQ, National Lab.

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